Buying an
Investment Property.

Our Investing Philosophy.

Property Navigation has set out on a mission to help everyday Australians invest & create wealth by getting into the property market sooner. Using a holistic approach, we buy properties that will positively impact our clients current and future lifestyle & wealth position.

Property Navigation developed our in-house Property Investing Ecosystem to show investors how we identify & buy investment-grade properties. The overarching strategy is to buy and hold properties with the system utilizing short-term based strategies to varying degrees to meet our client's investment goals.

Our primary focus is to buy real estate in areas where our clients can capitalize on strong growth potential, cash flow, and properties with value add potential. As local market experts in Brisbane, we effectively buy at or below market value, allowing investors to experience growth in their investment sooner.

The Property Investing Ecosystem.

The ecosystem we developed has internal pillars that support wealth-building external drivers. Each component interacts to give a more predictable outcome when selecting an investment property.

Most investors come up against two challenges: funding multiple deposits and/or running out of loan capacity. At Property Navigation, we secure properties that will allow a client to tap into equity to continue building out a sustainable, high performing property portfolio.

We assist experienced investors in adding quality investment properties to their established portfolio and represent new investors in purchasing foundational properties that can be leveraged against to build out a high performing portfolio.

The Ecosystems internal pillars - The internal pillars are long term performance selection criteria. How we select the property.

Time in the cycle

  • Is this metro or major regional center entering/in a growth phase?
  • Is this market over-cooked.

Location Selection

  • Does 70% of the heavy lifting in terms of growth
  • You can change a property, but you can't change its location.

Asset Selection

  • The tangible asset that will be the vehicle for your wealth creation?
  • Is it investment grade?
  • The last step.

By meeting the requirements of the internal pillars, we exponentially increase the likelihood of the investment performing as expected.

The Ecosystems external drivers - The external drivers build wealth and reduce risk. Balanced assets exhibit the characteristics set out below and align with our overarching buy and hold strategy.

These drivers create, sustain, and control the amount of wealth able to be generated.

Cash Flow

  • Liquidates debts (pays down your mortgage)
  • Passive income - Funds the lifestyle you want to live.
  • Allows you to hold onto your property during fluctuation in the market.

Capital Growth

  • Increases the value of your asset, allowing you to access more equity.
  • Recycle equity to buy more property, increasing your capital base whilst edging closer to your passive income stream goals.

Value Add Potential

  • Risk mitigation
  • Provides the option to force growth, cash flow or both into your portfolio through simple cosmetic renovations or more advanced value add strategies such as sub-divisions & granny flat builds.

By using proven strategies that many of the most successful investors have used you can take the first step into creating your own financially free future. Understanding property cycles, macro and microeconomics, and growth indicators that impact the markets within our investment areas is how we help everyday Australians make smarter investment decisions, that put them ahead, not behind on their investment journey. 

Long term investing vs short term investing.

Long term investing

The greatest asset in long-term investment is time. The longer you hold onto an investment (assuming it was a quality investment in the first place) the higher the value will be over time. This is due to factors such as Inflation (things become more expensive) & supply/demand ratio. Low risk, long term investment strategies are: 

Short term investing

It will come as no surprise that Property Navigation is advocates of holding property for the long term. This doesn’t mean short-term strategies do not work, they are usually much riskier but have higher returns. Short – term investment strategies are best used by experienced investors who have a good buffer of asset &/or cash to use as collateral if something goes wrong.  Short term investments are usually: 

Brisbane at 5,000 feet - July 2017


It really comes down to your risk profile. We like our clients to feel like they can put their head on the pillow at night, knowing their investment is growing in value and not adversely affecting their current lifestyle.

  • We help build & balance your portfolio
  • We undertake due diligence processes to locate, inspect, and analyse the property in detail. Creating a personalised strategy and brief that reflects your goals.
  • Through negotiation we purchase properties at or below market value, savings are made straight away for investors/buyers.
  • Purchasing high-quality assets mean you do not suffer from opportunity cost by buying an inferior property.

Property Navigation is trying to encourage Australians to invest in property as early as they possibly can, meaning they can take a low risk approach and the full advantage of 10-40 years of compounding growth. This type of skin in the game over these time periods means the most modest property can double, triple or more.

I believe in following in the footsteps of the wealthiest men alive with the vast majority adopting a long-term approach to investing, if they do it, then I think it’s seriously worth considering.

That is why it is no secret that Property Navigation are advocates for long-term, low risk investing. Want to learn more? Fill in the form below and we will be in contact shortly.

Your investment In Our Buyers Agency.

Using a Buyer’s Agent is a part of your investment into your future self and wealth. Buyer’s Agent fees are an added cost, but if you are investing for the long term you will find that this figure gets absorbed fast through,

  • Owning a superior investment property that has been analysed to fit your personalised strategy.
  • Owning a superior investment property in good growth areas, backed my research.
  • Having a professional analyse and compare multiple properties and deals to find the best one, we don’t settle for mediocre properties.

Our job is to not make the mistakes many investors do, we look at your circumstances, creating a strategy that meets your goals and limitations, to then purchase the highest quality asset possible.

We are only satisfied at settlement when you understand due to the education received along the way, that the property you now control represents the best value for your money whilst having the best long - term growth outlook.

Your world will have changed, work will be viewed as a way to fund your investments, giving more purpose to what you do on a weekly basis. You are now in control of your financial future, building a wealth base for your or your family. You are the part of the everyday elite Australians that has decided to make a positive change to their future.

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