We represent everyday Australian home buyers & investors.
Giving buyers the opportunity to get into the Brisbane market sooner, with confidence.

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The Brisbane Buyers Agent -
Home Buyers & Investors Trust.

It doesn't matter if you are a low, moderate or high-income earner, an experienced or novice investor. We are here to help people just like you build wealth and achieve financial freedom and security.

Home Buyers can rely on Property Navigation to find you the perfect home. We have access to ALL available stock, including pre, post, and off-market listings.

Our industry connections, research and negotiation skills enable us to secure property at the best price.

We ONLY work with a small number of buyers each month. We specialise in purchasing property within the Brisbane and Redland Council areas to deliver a premium personalised service.

I'm looking to:

Reach financial freedom
and security sooner.

It doesn't matter if you are a low, moderate or high-income earner, single, couple or family, an experienced or novice investor. We are here to help people just like you build wealth and reach financial freedom and security.

Your guide to finding the right property.

Property Navigation gives every day Australian home buyers & investors the most reliable and practical guidance when purchasing real estate to find the right price and the right property. 


Build wealth through property.

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The Australian residential housing market is one of the wealthiest markets in the world making up a large portion of our nation’s wealth. We help investors & buyers to understand that they can take some of this wealth for themselves, sooner, with minimal risk. For investors, property offers an opportunity to build wealth through passive income streams and capital growth, whilst creating accommodation for many Australians who currently rent.

First home & home buyers, use our service to find a home that aligns with their brief. Growth in the family home is important, at Property Navigation we take this into consideration. Future equity uplift is important for modern families, as their home is often their biggest asset.

We carefully construct individualised property briefs by understanding our clientele’s goals. Developing strategies that fit the property to our clients brief and budget. A buyer's agency such as Property Navigation helps Australians, like yourself, build this future wealth through property. We educate and show you how property can be a low risk/high return investment over the long-term.

What Property Navigation does best

What you can expect from our service?

We match the right strategy to the right person.

Armed with your goals and our collaborated strategy, we use all the tools at our disposal to seek out the right property that fits your brief. 

We give 100% of our attention.

Property Navigation purposefully takes on a small number of clients, giving you peace of mind that you will always deal directly with Boyd. 

Uncover off-market opportunities

We do a wider search for the perfect property on your behalf. Our team can find properties that aren’t yet listed online or arrange a private viewing before the public sees a property, we maintain strong relationships with agents to avoid open homes, so our clientele get priority. 

Stronger footing in the market.

With housing prices continually climbing, cost of living rising, it seems you are losing a fighting battle. With Property Navigation, it is easier to get your foot up onto the property ladder, as we look at macro and microeconomics to the find the right house, in the right location. 

Sensible & safe investments.

Unsure if you have enough savings and/ or equity?  We assist all our buyers to create a realistic plan with set criteria from the outset. Having a solid plan helps you to feel confident in your purchase; that it meets your specific requirements and deliver peace of mind that your investment will deliver long term gains.

WITH and WITHOUT Property Navigation

With a Buyer's Agent

  • Higher chance of securing a property at or below market value with access to off-market opportunities.  Having someone in your corner, negotiating in your best interest, ensuring you don’t overpay or pay an emotional price.
  • The confidence that you have a professional looking to build your long-term future wealth, by securing the best assets with the best long-term growth potential, within your budget.
  • An educator and mentor that will assist you in learning about the property market and how it can lead to your future wealth. Property Navigation will be your guide through the entire buying process, helping take you from where you are now to where you want to be, helping you overcome obstacles along the way.

Without a Buyer's Agent

  • Chance of over-paying by not completely understanding comparable sales, suburb history and growth drivers. Similarly, many buyers may overpay due to FOMO, or fall victim to sales tactics employed by many great real estate agents.
  • Speculation in market, leading to bad purchases. Simply, a buyer’s agent works in property markets daily. Many investors/buyers cannot read the property markets in their entirety, they try to pick the market instead of picking a solid asset and spending time in the market
  • Opportunity Costs - Not understanding there are multiple markets, operating at different times in the property cycle. Purchasing property that may be inferior to another property you could have purchased in a higher growth &/or yielding area within your budget, leaving money on the table.


Our step-by-step process

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Contact us by phone, email or complete the enquiry form and we will organise a consultation time. There we will have a “no expectations” initial strategy session so we can get to know what you are looking for and you can get to know us.  

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Strategy Sessions

From the consultation we will discuss further what we can do for you based off of what you are after. For first time investors or recurring investors, we can help you better understand the market, discuss your portfolio and your property goals. We will show you HOW we purchase investment-grade properties.

First home & home buyers will be able to provide us with a brief. Forming the foundation of a collaborated plan to purchase the best home, within your budget in a location that will serve your family well into the future. 

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Property Shortlist & Inspections

We will present you with a range of properties, inspecting these properties on your behalf, providing you with detailed reports & educating you on the suburb we are buying your investment or home in. 

Properties are only short-listed if they have been identified to meet your brief. Our number one priority is to bring you properties that meet your expectations.

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Negotiation & Sale

When you have settled on a property our buyer’s agents will negotiate on your behalf so you can get the best prices possible. We want you to get the best property to maximise your investment or to love living in, so we work hard to get it.  

Whether you buy a $450k or a $1.2mill property, we get paid a flat fee.

Property Navigation works on a transparent flat fee. So, no matter the price of the property we will be paid the same amount. This means we work hard to get you a brief aligned property at the best price possible as we have no interest otherwise. Our main focus is to offer a seamless buying experience for our clientele.

The people we help:

  • Time-poor professionals
  • Need guidance on where to begin
  • Buyer procrastination
  • Investors
  • First Home Buyers & Home Buyers
  • New to Brisbane or are unfamiliar with the market
  • Burnt by a previous investing experience
  • Buyers Fatigue - You just keep missing out
  • Unsure where to start
  • Don't have a long-term plan

Why choose Brisbane?

Property Navigation believes in borderless investing to seek out the best opportunities throughout Australia to grow and diversify property portfolios. Currently we have seen that SEQ and especially the sub-markets that make up the GMAB (Greater metropolitan area of Brisbane) offer the best value. The affordability issue is rampart right across Australia, especially in our 2 major capital cities, Sydney and Melbourne. We will be entering these markets again at some point, but with the data we have, the needle is pointing N towards Brisbane and its surrounding markets. Since this is our backyard you have confidence that we know these markets, agents and types of properties in detail. 

Contact us - Book in your 20min discovery call

Reach out to us today, either by phone, email or by booking a date in the calendar below. We will respond with a phone call on the date and time selected. From there we can answer any questions you may have about Property Navigation, how we work, and what we can find for you.
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