Client Stories

Here at Property Navigation, we’re committed to helping everyday Australians navigate the market. It doesn’t matter if you are a first home buyer who knows nothing about the property market or a seasoned investor with multiple properties in your portfolio; we’ll help you find the best property for your needs at the best price. But don’t just take our word for it. Here you will find what our clients have achieved with Property Navigation as their buyer’s agent.


Alasdair: First Time Investor

Find out how Alasdair secured his first investment property within four weeks and had a tenant lined up for top dollar before settlement.


Bella: First-Time Property Investor

Find out how 19-year-old Bella became a property investor without increasing her offer despite 13 contracts on the property and 3 at the same price.


Daniel: First Home Buyer – Owner Occupier

Find out how Daniel found his ideal home within 5-days and bought the off-market property for $15,000 under market value.

Tammie & Chris - 43 Hailsham St

Tammie and Chris: First Time Property Investors

Find out how first-time investors Tammy and Chris secured their pre-market investment property for $20,000 under market value.

Chi & Brad

Chi & Brad: North Queensland Investors

Find out how Chi and Brad purchased an investment property that increased in value by $110,000 in 8 weeks while living 1,600kms away.


Michael: Interstate Seasoned Investor

Find out how Michael, a seasoned investor, bought an investment property with a $50,000 short-term gain and future development potential.


Kaylene and Katie: Acreage Home Buyers

Find out how Kaylene and Katie refined their brief, and secured a pre-market acreage property by trusting Property Navigation’s buying process.


Jacob: Interstate Home-vestor

Find out how Jacob bought an off-market apartment in an inner-city Brisbane suburb to build high equity for future property investing.

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