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Buyer's Agent.

Experienced Brisbane Buyer's Agent

Helping Everyday Australians - Our WHY.

Our mission is to help everyday Australian home buyers and investors get into the property market, sooner. The property market is tough to navigate, with opportunities for buyers to end up overpaying, procrastinating or simply buying a lemon.

Buyers are currently under-represented in the Australian property markets and we aim to change that, in a big way.

Our personalised service will remove the stress, hassle and time when buying property. Having a team of professionals as support means buyers can rely on honest, objective advice – every time! Property Navigation aims to be a reliable source for hard-working Australians to turn to when it comes to independent property purchasing advice.

We add significant value throughout the buying process via our trusted on the ground relationships with selling agents, strategic frameworks, superior research, and negotiation skills. We level the playing field against selling agents, as we go into bat for Australian home buyers and investors.

We are committed to giving buyers guidance, clarity, and confidence to execute on their next property purchase.

From start to settlement – We have home buyers and investors, covered.

First Home Buyers

Do you want your hard-earned deposit to give you the best purchasing power?

Home Buyers

Made property purchasing errors in the past?

Don't have the time?


We buy investment-grade properties in investment-grade suburbs to maximise the ROI.

How we get you the right property.

Our service will help you make the smarter choice, we will help you navigate through the entire property purchase. Property Navigation gets to know our clients on a personal level to deliver a personalised service where we uncover your goals and apply a strategy that best suits your individual circumstance.

Our local knowledge underpins the properties we shortlist for clients as we know the most desirable streets and districts within Brisbane's suburbs.

Every client is taken through our action plan where we go through strategy sessions to uncover all necessary information to fit a plan to a client’s financial goals, property purchase brief and budget. 

Our Buyer's Agent 6 step plan of action

Discovery call – Complimentary Service

This 20min discovery call is designed for you to learn more about our business. To see if we would be a good fit for your next home or investment purchase. During this call, we will draft a brief, discuss your goals, and generally get on the same page

Strategy Session – Complimentary Service

We expand on what was discussed during our discovery call.

  • We touch on where you are now.
  • Where you want to be.
  • What has been holding you back from this next home or investment purchase.

We will explain in detail how we effectively transition from the goals/ambitions you have to actioning them with confidence.

I will explain and give examples of how a Buyer’s Agent works and why we exist, giving you a transparent insight into how we purchases property for our clientele;

  1. Home Buyers – The exact process we follow to secure a brief aligned home.
  2. Investors – Introduced to our in-house “Property Investment Ecosystem” which is designed to locate and select investment-grade properties.

Since our core passion is to see Australians get into the property market sooner, this initial session is completely free. If anything, we want anyone who participates in this strategy session to walk out with a much clearer understanding of how they can best move forward with their next purchase.

The savings you make, exceed our fees

Your investment In Us.

When finding you a property, we make sure the savings you make are far greater than the fee you pay us. We charge a flat fee and only work with a small number of clients each month, to deliver a genuine, topnotch buying experience. 

How using a Buyer's Agent can save you money now and into the future.

This is achieved through:

  • Superior negotiation skills
  • Acquisition of quality properties
  • Off-market opportunities
  • Expert market knowledge
  • Identification of growth areas

Option 1

Upfront payment


Option 2

50% Upfront,
50% on Settlement


Contact us - Book in your 20min discovery call

Reach out to us today for a free consultation. Simply call, email, or book out a time and day in the calendar and we will get in contact with you on the requested date. From there we will have a free consultation where we can answer any questions you may have and will begin working to get you the best property.