From start to settlement - We help buyers secure their home.

We search, short-list, inspect & negotiate the property deal.

Homebuyers need representation when it comes to buying property. If you are buying in the Brisbane market, the use of a Buyers Agent will see that you have a whole new buying experience.

Let me explain,

Property Naviagtions takes the hassle, stress, and time out of searching for property. We have access to off-market opportunities and advance listings through our relationship with Real Estate agent across multiple suburbs & council areas, including

- Brisbane City Council

- Moreton Bay City Council

- Redland City Council

Our number one objective will be to meet your brief and secure a property at the right price.

Property is a store hold of wealth for Aussie families, with aspiring buying using a large sum of money as deposits. We aim to maximise this investment using our processes, frameworks, and relationships with selling agents.

In addition to finding a property that matches your brief and budget, we help formulate plans to secure a property with strong capital growth potential if this is something important to you. Strong growth can build equity in a property which creates future opportunities such as upsizing, renovating or buying an investment property.

We are here to help everyday Australians get into the property market sooner. We give you guidance and confidence to get you into the location and home you desire, sooner.


How a Buyer's Agent provides value to a buyer

By engaging Property Navigation, you are saving time & money in the short term as we search, inspect & negotiate property on your behalf.

Many buyers consider growth an essential outcome when buying property, and we couldn't agree more. If capital growth is important to you, we can discuss this further with you during our discovery call.

How we give you back your investment in us.

  1. Help you select the right asset: We have access to off-market opportunities & advanced listings that are usually A-grade properties—getting in front of the agent and seller before the public is paramount. We help buyers understand current market conditions and how we should best proceed to secure a property that best matches the brief without compromising what is most important to them, I.e. Non-negotiables.
  1. Don't overpay: We negotiate to get the property at or below market value. We are objective with our purchase. We know the questions to ask and how best to position our clients in terms of price, settlement terms & conditions. We know when value ends, and overpaying begins.
  1. Don't procrastinate or suffer from opportunity loss: We save clients time, weekends, and the energy of researching and sourcing a property. You can reinvest this valuable time and energy into more important areas of your life. We educate clients on what has sold, what is selling and facts about the suburb/suburbs they intend to buy-in. An educated buyer can act quickly, with confidence when an opportunity arises.
  1. Professional Service: When selling property, everyone engages a real estate agent. We believe this should be no different when buying property. Having a professional to represent your best interests, knows the market and has relationships with agents to secure a quality brief aligned home.

Further advantages of having a Buyers Agent in your corner, include;

  • We are working full-time on your behalf to secure your home.
  • Have a professional who knows the ins & outs of the real estate world and knows how to navigate these waters.
  • Have a professional who knows what is most important to you - Your non-negotiables.
  • Have a professional negotiator.
  • Have a professional who understands sales tactics and won’t be persuaded into them.


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