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Knowing how crucial ongoing education is to the property buying journey, here you will find the information and tips you need to understand the ins and outs of property buying, whether you are a first home buyer or a seasoned investor. Want to ask more in-depth questions to increase your clarity and confidence? Book in a complimentary discovery call with our property specialists to discuss any area of property buying you need help with - from selection through to settlement.


The Price Of Proximity – More bang for buck In Brisbane’s Property Market

Below is a summary of data produced by Luke Metcalfe, founder of Microburbs, a website that provides property data. Check it out for yourself - www.microburbs.com.au This data aims to show you the difference in the prices of property compared directly to its distance from the CBD of a major...
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Tips When Entering a Sellers Market

Well it is no secret that most of Australia is currently experiencing a 'Seller's Market'. But what exactly does this mean, and how should you approach buying property in a market where Buyer's are everywhere and stock levels are low? In this short video we provide plenty of tips on...

The Truth About Compounding Growth & Capital Growth – Does It Work?

Compounding growth and capital growth are 2 of the most powerful forces for generating wealth. Both are considered the gatekeepers to building wealth and financial freedom through investing in property. Many experts will have you believe that this is all that it takes to build wealth through property. Future growth...
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What is LMI and How to Embrace It

There's no doubt that avoiding paying an LMI premium will save you money, but it's worthwhile considering what that "saving" might cost you. There are times when paying LMI can be worth it.

The Real Estate Boom You Don’t Want To Be On The Sidelines For.

Want evidence straight from the coal face that we are entering a boom in the Australian real estate markets? Australian home values continue to rise across the country. Combined regional and capital cities rose 2.1% higher in February. It is the most significant month on month change in combined national...
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Using Equity to Create Wealth

Your property value rises in time, and the value of your debt reduces. What is left over is usually the net worth or equity. This is the part you can use to purchase additional investments to create wealth from equity, but only if you start to look to the future.
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What is Value-add Potential?

Value-add is a term that is used to describe a property that offers an opportunity to increase cash flow through minor or major renovations. But, what renovations should be carried out, which add the most value, and how can this value increase be utilised in the future?
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What It Takes To Beat The Average Growth In Today’s Real Estate Market

Ever wondered how to choose an investment property that will perform above average? What exactly does the framework look like? Here we will run through some tips on just that!
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How Cash Flow Works

Cash flow is the difference between the rental income of an investment property and its expenses. It basically tells a real estate investor if he/she is making money and how much of it is made. In this video we go more in depth to answer your questions on How Cash Flow...
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4 Burning Questions About Buyer’s Agents

What is a Buyers Agent....? How to avoid overpaying....? What even are the benefits of using a Buyers Agent...? What is the process a Buyers Agent follows? The use of a professional Buyers Agent is quickly becoming a top consideration amongst home buyers and investors. If you require answers to...

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